What Are the Health Risks and Side Effects of Poppers?

It has been proven that poppers can be used correctly, responsibly, and moderately are largely harmless. Nevertheless, despite the manageable duration of action, there are some risks which we would like to draw your attention unequivocally on this page:

Poppers are not addicting. There is also no solid evidence for either psychological or long-term physical damage that can be traced back to the use of poppers.

The inhalation of poppers has a very strong vasodilator effect. It comes to a sudden expansion of the blood vessels and a short-term drop in blood pressure for one minute with increased pulse. Consuming it together with Viagra or Kamagra is life-threatening as it makes one there may be a sharp drop in blood pressure. From the combination with all products with the We expressly advise against the active ingredient Sildenafil. Risk of death!

Inhaling poppers causes a temporary lack of oxygen in the brain. This can with excessive consumption lead to severe headaches or brief loss of consciousness and Stroke Symptoms. In this case, you should open the window immediately and fresh air and call the emergency physician.

Poppers lead to the breakdown of inhibitions. This doesn’t mean that you put safe sex in the background should ask. Do not leave out the condom.

You should absolutely avoid direct contact with skin, mucous membranes, and eyes because Poppers are corrosive. In case of contact with skin, mucous membranes, and eyes, rinse immediately with water.

Never drink poppers! Ingestion can be fatal. There is a risk of fatal pneumonia. If someone accidentally drinks poppers, never make them vomit, just make them vomit a lot Drinking water.

Some poppers are very toxic when inhaled (e.g., isopropyl nitrite). Sell these poppers we do not at www.lederreiniger-online.de.

If you have antihypertensive drugs, cardiovascular drugs, or medication for Take special care if you suffer from respiratory diseases. Please contact in advance Your doctor and clarify the interaction with poppers. People who are in front of stressful If you have cardiovascular and brain diseases, you should refrain from using poppers.

Excessive consumption of poppers can damage the retina.

Some poppers (e.g., with isopropyl nitrite as an ingredient) are carcinogenic. We distance ourselves from these poppers and do not sell them on this site.

The nitrites in the poppers are easily flammable. Therefore, be careful when smoking, with candles and with lighters.

Do you have any further questions about the risks and side effects of poppers? Ask us or contact Counseling Centers.