Poppers & medication or drugs – what you should look out for when using mixed drugs?

Poppers increase pleasure, loosen you up and lower your inhibitions. These are the main reasons why poppers use during sex is now completely normal, especially for men who have sex with men. As helpful as the little smelling bottles are, you should use poppers with caution. This is because health risks can occur in combination with medication, sexual enhancers such as Viagra or Cialis or with the simultaneous consumption of drugs. We explain what you should look out for when consuming a mixture.

Poppers application and medication

To understand why the use of poppers can be associated with risks, it is important to know the properties and effects of poppers. Poppers available from us consist either of pentyl nitrite or hexyl nitrite or are produced according to the Canadian Pentyl Formula. Because these compounds are volatile, they produce vapors that you inhale during sex play.

After inhaling, you will feel more sexual pleasure, your muscles will relax and the sensation of pain will be reduced. These effects are due to the antihypertensive, analgesic, vasodilatory (blood circulation-promoting) and muscle-relaxing properties of poppers. However, it is precisely these properties that you need to pay particular attention to if you, for example as a member of a risk group, need to take medication that has the same effects.

These include so-called ACE inhibitors, which are prescribed for heart failure. If poppers are used at the same time, the corresponding effect can increase to such an extent that it leads to health problems such as reduced supply to the heart muscle and brain. In the worst case scenario, this can result in a heart attack.

Poppers and Viagra - You should avoid this combination during sex

In particular, men who use Viagra or other drugs (e.g. Kamagra, a sexual enhancer from India) due to potency problems should not use poppers during sex in order to avoid health problems. The reason for this is that Viagra also lowers blood pressure. Simultaneous use of poppers could have the same consequences as a combination of poppers and ACE inhibitors.

If you are considering using Viagra and poppers before having sex, be aware that the interaction between poppers and Viagra can be life-threatening. This also applies if you are young and healthy.

Never consume poppers and Cialis together

Alongside Viagra, Cialis is the best-known sexual enhancer and is therefore also widely used when it comes to sex between men. However, Cialis also interacts with poppers, which you should definitely be aware of. The properties of Cialis are basically the same as those of Viagra. Above all, Cialis causes a drop in blood pressure, which, in conjunction with poppers use, can lead to a reduced supply of blood to the heart muscle, brain or organs. Health experts therefore advise that you should avoid poppers if you suffer from low blood pressure, circulatory or cardiac arrhythmia or anemia.

Poppers and drugs

The mixed consumption of poppers and drugs can be life-threatening not only for people with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions or aneurysms in the brain. Mixed poppers consumption also poses a health risk for healthy people. Sex parties and so-called ChemSex are very popular among men who have sex with men. Amphetamines or other drugs are consumed at these parties, but this can lead to drug-induced impotence, as they can cause the blood vessels to constrict. Viagra is taken to compensate for this effect. If poppers are added to this, it is also highly dangerous for healthy men.

In addition to the risks mentioned, the inhibition threshold for sexual experimentation is usually lowered. Where condoms are usually insisted on, people like to have bareback anal sex. At such parties, including ChemSex, it is also common for consumers to share syringes. This also increases your risk of contracting STIs (sexually transmitted infections), i.e. HIV, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea or similar unpleasant diseases.

You should therefore not only make sure that you use poppers responsibly, but also that you do not become careless when using poppers mixed with drugs during sex. Never jeopardize your health by abandoning “red lines”. Using the Euroglider 144 condom box can make your sexual experiences much safer.

Are there alternatives to Viagra and the like that can be used together with poppers without any problems?

Yes, there are indeed alternatives to Viagra, Cialis or Kamagra. In the field of dietary supplements, there are now numerous products on the market that can give your potency a real boost. In our store, for example, you will find Power Men XXX potency capsules made from natural ingredients. This product, which is produced without chemical additives, does not require a prescription and can help you with potency if taken regularly.

What to do in an emergency

If you have consumed poppers and medication or sexual enhancers or poppers and drugs together and feel unwell, you should seek medical help immediately. The most important symptoms include persistent malaise, severe weakness, breathing difficulties or a blue discoloration of the skin or mucous membranes. In these cases, medical help is urgently needed. If you find an unconscious person who you know has consumed poppers, check their breathing if necessary, administer first aid with a recovery position, cardiac massage or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and call an emergency doctor without delay, for example the poison emergency number (Switzerland: 145, Germany depending on the federal state).

Important note: If you want to use poppers but belong to a risk group or have to take medication with similar properties, always talk to your doctor first. He can give you important information about the risks.

Recommendations for the safe use of poppers

Poppers can take your sexual experiences to a new level if you are careful. So the question “Poppers how often?” is an interesting one. Poppers are not usually considered to have any addictive potential, which is why regular and frequent use is possible. However, experts are of the opinion that poppers can cause brain cells to die. Perhaps it makes sense to proceed according to the motto “less is more”, not to put poppers up your nose too often, but to enjoy each inhalation with all your senses.

Poppers are very volatile and lose their effect relatively quickly on contact with oxygen. While you can keep closed poppers for several months, you can enjoy an open bottle for about a month before the poppers have decomposed to such an extent that only nitrite remains, which you should not inhale.

When inhaling poppers, make sure that it does not come into contact with your nasal mucous membranes. This can lead to burns and stinging. Poppers should also not get into your eyes and you should certainly not drink it. In case of contact with eyes and mucous membranes, rinse well with water and, if necessary, contact a doctor or the poison control center, e.g. Giftnotruf Berlin Tel. 030 192 40 or Tox Info Suisse Tel. 145. If you have mistaken the poppers for a welcome shot and drunk it, you should see a doctor immediately.

You can make poppers much safer to use if you use popper accessories, such as a Poppers Inhaler Double Titanium Gold or the Poppers Booster Cap XTRM SNFFR Double Small Red. These accessories not only protect your mucous membranes from direct contact with the poppers. You also save yourself the often cumbersome task of unscrewing the bottle during sex, have one hand free and don’t have to take a break from what you’re doing with your (sex) partner.