One thing is clear: risk of confusion!

Poppers or ginger shot – that’s the question?! To make sure that there is as good as no confusion, today we explain the differences between poppers bottles and conventional small soft drinks or shot bottles. Please be extra attentive when you have the small bottle in your hand.

First you should briefly check the logo by looking at the bottle. Poppers labels are quite unique in their design, with clear, bright colors and eye-catching font. This is fully intentional, so you can quickly see what it’s all about.

Hulk Ultra Strong Poppers 10ml
Example of a Poppers bottle logo
Hazard pictograms on every Poppers bottle

If you then turn the bottle a little, you will also discover the red outlined diamonds of the hazard pictogram on the back. This contains important information about the nature of your favorite brand’s content, as well as important hazards and safety information. We have written a somewhat more detailed explanation about it here on our site. Why not also try a popper with other ingredients from our store, because there is still a lot to discover here! Incidentally, we also play it safe when it comes to the ingredients: we only offer you poppers with the 3 ingredients that we classify as less harmful to health.

Now for the final check before we get started: Poppers bottles are not that easy to open – and for good reason. This is because you first have to loosen the safety sleeve, which tightly encloses the lid, at the perforation lines. That this is a bit of a hassle is our full intention (but the anticipation of unpacking is, as we all know, a beautiful joy). Once the plastic wrapping is finally removed, the bottle can be opened with the screw cap. Made it! And now have fun with it!

After use, you should of course close the lid tightly again so that none of the good aroma can escape into the air. By the way, instead of storing your poppers in the refrigerator, you should always store them in a light-protected package (Tupperware, zipper bag, cardboard box, etc.) at an ambient temperature of about 12 – 15 ° Celsius. Also, this will save you from confusion with the healthy ginger shot you might like to have in the evening from the fridge! Here on our site you will find more information about the storage of poppers. Because under no circumstances should you drink poppers! This can lead to severe chemical burns!

And by the way: A little preparation never hurts. Because under no circumstances should you drink poppers! You never know … with a good bottle of wine, the precautionary opening has already proven itself often enough!