Are poppers legal in Germany?

We have been dealing with the legal situation of poppers in Germany since 2004.
In our blog post “Are poppers legal in Germany” you will find a detailed answer to the question of whether poppers are legal in Germany or not.

Poppers are not drugs and are not subject to the Narcotics Act in Germany.
Poppers do not cause addiction.
We still very often hear that poppers are drugs.
This is completely false.

In order for substances to fall under the Narcotics Act, certain conditions must be met, such as the creation of dependence.
This is not the case with poppers.
It has been confirmed several times in recent years by various German authorities that poppers do not fall under the Narcotics Act.

Poppers are medicinal products in Germany and are actually subject to the German Medicinal Products Act.
For this reason, we do not sell poppers in Germany as poppers, but also as leather cleaners.
Poppers are not medicinal products in Switzerland and do not fall under the Medicinal Products Act because they do not have a medical purpose.
This fact was last confirmed by Swissmedic in 2021.
As you buy your poppers from a Swiss company, you can also buy them as poppers and not necessarily as leather cleaners.

The purchase of poppers for private use has been a gray area in Germany for decades.
However, you are on the safe side because you buy the poppers from a company based in Switzerland (Oxymoron AG).

The possession of poppers for private use is legal in Germany.

If by ingestion you mean sniffing the nitrite bottle, then everything is fine.
Do not drink poppers under any circumstances, otherwise you will have a serious health problem that could be fatal.

The subject of poppers falls under different legal regulations in each country.
In addition, local customs staff are trained very differently and sometimes strange statements are made about poppers at border controls (including at Germany’s external borders).
Our recommendations:
– when entering Germany and when entering one of our four neighboring countries by land: do not carry more than 3 small bottles of poppers with you across the border
– when entering a country by air: first find out in detail about the legal situation regarding poppers in the destination country in question.
We will be happy to help you with this on request.

Poppers/nitrites are classified as flammable liquids.
The IATA regulates which liquids are allowed in hand baggage or checked baggage.
Flammable liquids such as poppers are prohibited.
See the SWISS list:

Nobody will punish you if you sell one of your poppers bottles to a friend.
If you trade in poppers on a commercial basis, you risk administrative proceedings and criminal proceedings, including a letter from the public prosecutor.
mail from the public prosecutor’s office.