The myth “poppers in the fridge”

We keep getting asked how to properly store poppers at home and whether the refrigerator is the best place to store poppers. To anticipate it right away. No, the refrigerator is not the place to store poppers.

Storing poppers in the refrigerator is not healthy for you or other people and is very impractical. Poppers are chemicals. I have never seen anyone keep their nitro thinner, methylated spirits or brush cleaner in the refrigerator next to their salad, vegetables and milk. In addition, other people could mistake the poppers bottle for a drink shot such as “Gaudi Max” or “Little Coward”. This can be fatal at a party, for example. The refrigerator is also not really discreet, as the girlfriend, mom or flat-share mates also use the refrigerator.

How do I best store my poppers? Poppers need cool and dark. That’s why we keep seeing poppers in the fridge. We differentiate between new / unopened bottles and bottles that have already been opened.

You can easily store new and unopened bottles at room temperature in your closet, in your drawer, e.g. together with your sex toys. Unopened poppers will keep for several months at room temperature in the dark. The poppers are also stored at room or cellar temperature after manufacture, on transport, in wholesalers and retailers.

The situation is different when the bottles are opened once, as the poppers substance slowly begins to disintegrate in combination with the air in the room. Once opened, poppers stored at room temperature can be used for about a month without any problems. It goes without saying that once opened poppers should not be stored next to the radiator or in direct sunlight. We recommend storing the opened bottles in a ZIP bag or in a Tupperware in a dark place in the cupboard or in the drawer. The best place, however, is the basement. It’s dark and cool there, but not too cool. (approx. 12 to 15 degrees). In a ZIP bag or Tupperware, your opened poppers will stay fresh for about a month in the basement or at room temperature.

If you store your poppers too cool (e.g. in the refrigerator or freezer), you have to plan their use carefully. The effect of poppers only works really well at room temperature. This clearly speaks against the refrigerator.