If you notice that you have taken too many poppers, close the bottle and open the window immediately, breathing fresh air in and out.
Sit on a chair, e.g. on the balcony.
If you still feel dizzy after 10 minutes or have a severe headache, see a doctor.

Swallowing or drinking poppers can be fatal.
Risk of chemical burns!
If someone drinks a sip of poppers instead of sniffing the bottle, drink plenty of water immediately.
Do not make the person vomit, otherwise the esophagus or throat will become even more corroded.
Seek emergency medical attention immediately.

Poppers should never come into direct contact with the skin, mucous membranes or eyes.
Risk of chemical burns!
If this happens anyway, rinse immediately with cold water for approx. 20 minutes.
Seek emergency medical attention.

The combination of Poppers with Viagra is life-threatening.
It can lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure and even cardiovascular failure.
As the effect of poppers is only short-lived (1 to 5 minutes), you should do two things if you have accidentally taken poppers even though you are also using sexual enhancers.
Firstly, immediately stop sniffing the bottle and secondly, immediately open the window and breathe in plenty of fresh air.
If the person falls unconscious, call an ambulance immediately.

A closed poppers bottle very rarely breaks if it falls.
If it does break and the poppers leak out, wipe up the poppers on the floor with a handkerchief, for example, and open the window immediately.
If the poppers leak onto the parquet floor or carpet, wipe up well with cold water so that the nitrite does not linger in the home for days.

The bottle will hardly break, but the poppers will leak out and the gases will evaporate in the room.
The scent will be noticeable in the room for 5 to 10 minutes.
Wipe up the leaking poppers quickly with a handkerchief, for example, so that the odor cloud remains as small as possible.
It is best to close the half-empty bottle of poppers and immediately take the poppers-soaked handkerchief outside into the fresh air, e.g. to a garbage can.

Not everyone can tolerate poppers, especially if they have a history of cardiovascular disease.
If not only your health is important to you, but also the health of those around you, do not pressure anyone to sniff poppers if they do not want to.
In this case, we recommend that you sniff the bottle on your own.

Sniffing poppers causes dizziness and reduces inhibitions.
We advise against taking poppers and then driving.
The high is short-lived, so wait 30 minutes after taking poppers before getting behind the wheel.

Many parents and also many employers will not know what poppers are and how poppers are legally classified.
Important: Poppers are not narcotics and you should pass this on.
It is important that you as the owner of poppers are familiar with the health hazards (never drink) and risks (do not take with Viagra & Co. ) and that you handle the products responsibly.
We recommend that you inform your parents and employers.

Possession of poppers is not a criminal offense and possession of leather cleaner is not anyway.
Poppers are so low on the police’s list of priorities that not even every police officer is really familiar with them (except those who use them themselves).
If a police officer overreacts because you are carrying a bottle of poppers or leather cleaner, explain to him that it is your business what you do with the leather cleaner.

The high from poppers is very short-lived.
(1 to 5 minutes).
However, we advise you to wait 30 minutes before driving after consuming poppers.
It is not known whether poppers can be detected in the blood or urine during a police check.