Field report exclusively from the Soxguys: Sox and Poppers

Like many of you, the Soxguys are among our loyal customers. In this blog post, the Soxguys explain why poppers and sox is an explosive combination for even more intense action.

In our exciting world of fetish and kink parties, there are many ways to increase sexual desire. While for us sniffing smelly socks is the ultimate pleasure, there is another way to increase desire: poppers.

Increased Smell Perception

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The feeling of horny smelling socks and feet is just indescribably intense and beautiful. If we take 2-3 puffs of poppers before a sniff session, everything becomes even more intense. It increases the pleasure immensely. To feel the smell of horny worn boy socks on poppers – we love it. Touching and kissing also gets much deeper and it’s really fun to get off like that. You just feel horny and passionate. The smells are just so seductive and we can hardly hold ourselves back in each case. It is an incredibly intense and sensual moment.

Hot poppers and sniff session

One of our most exciting moments was when we made eye contact with a young hottie in a horny PSG outfit in a gay bar in Berlin. We found the guy incredibly horny, but thought we had no chance with him. Later we made a round in the cruising area and the boy followed us already with a cheeky grin. A short time later we kissed and fiddled around in the horny gear. Soon we both knelt in front of him and sniffed at the sneaks and socks. You know, that happens with us rather rarely 😉 For him it was ok that we took poppers.

After two or three pulls we were flashed and sniffing socks again. The hottie unexpectedly and decisively took off his socks and asked us to lick his feet. We were absolutely horny and then came this horny Feet-Smell. Wow – kind of perfection! A top guy, perfectly registered socks and a push thanks to poppers – it could not have gone better. How the rest of the action went, you can imagine, we leave that to your imagination.


What to consider

Of course, it is important to be aware of the risks of poppers and take the recommended safety precautions if you choose to consume poppers. Poppers bottles are very handy and fit easily in your pocket. We only deliberately open them during action and take care not to spill the corrosive liquid on our gear or body. In addition, we do not take poppers in the hustle and bustle, where you can be pushed quickly and you therefore touch e.g. the nose, which leads to sore spots. As with all kinky actions, consent is important with poppers. We like to entrust our poppers to a hottie, but never pass them around or would take strangers poppers. It is also important that poppers are only sniffed and never drunk. If you are using poppers for the first time, be sure to ask the supplier about the correct way to use them. By the way, there are new practical attachments leakage protection.

The combination makes it

Overall, the combination of smelly socks and poppers makes us feel even more intense and horny at kink parties. However, we’ve noticed that we don’t have to pull on poppers non-stop on a party night. At some point, it loses its appeal for us and our heads get too boomy. We only take poppers sporadically and push ourselves in the gameplay that way.

Where to buy poppers

As with gear and toys, you need a trustworthy supplier for poppers. We can recommend (store for Germany and worldwide). We order here 3-4 times a year and have never been disappointed about the delivery time and the quality. The boys have a new bottle called Berlin – it became our favorite after the first use!
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