How to use poppers – Everything you need to know about poppers application

Sex is already exciting by nature, if you use poppers in it, then you can experience especially horny sex. Poppers, the small vials to inhale, make you willing, increase your pleasure, relax you and can give you an unforgettable orgasm. If you don’t have any experience with poppers, you will get the answer to the question “How do I use poppers?” in this post. We tell you how you and (your) sex partner can have even more fun by using the right poppers.

What is poppers actually?

The poppers in our store are made of pentyl nitrite, hexyl nitrite or based on the Canadian Pentyl Formula. These chemical substances and mixtures are volatile, so they dissolve over time. The liquid has a slightly yellowish, transparent color, is highly flammable and forms vapors on contact with the air, which you inhale, either directly from the bottle or using poppers.

How often can/should I pull the bottle?

How often you smell the poppers bottle during a sex session is basically up to you. Because the effect usually does not last very long, many tend to re-inhale as soon as the effect wears off. However, some report that if inhaled too frequently, the desired effects are only partially achieved and are not as intense. From our own experience, we can recommend for your first experience with poppers to use poppers just before the start of anal intercourse to relax and just before orgasm to intensify the climax. Ultimately, it’s a purely subjective decision how often you bring the poppers bottle to your nose.

How often can I use poppers?

The most important news right at the beginning: Poppers have no addictive potential, which means that there is no sound evidence of any psychological or physical long-term damage caused by poppers. So you can use poppers once in a while or several times a week. So the answer to the question “Poppers how often?” is as often as you like. It is up to you to decide whether it makes sense to take a break. But as the old saying goes, rare things are more valuable than things that are always available. We recommend that you use poppers in moderation.

What are the bottle sizes?

Poppers come in different bottle sizes and strengths. You can get it as a small bottle of Rush Poppers with 10ml, in a medium variant or you can opt for an XXL bottle and have fun with Amsterdam Special 30ml for example.

If you are a beginner and do not have much experience with poppers, you can also slowly approach the strength of the poppers. We offer a total of 6 strength levels and if you want to take it slow, a level 1 or 2 popper is a good choice. This popper is not so strong, nevertheless you will feel its effect quickly and effectively.

If you have frequent sex, whether with others or with yourself, and need larger amounts of poppers with a stronger effect, you can reach for poppers of strengths 2 to 4. Are you a fan of extreme sizes during anal intercourse or are into fisting, then poppers of strengths 5 and 6 can help you relax.

Effect and duration of action of poppers

The effect of poppers comes from the fact that you inhale the vapors when you inhale. The main effect is an increase in sexual desire. You relax and your inhibitions drop. Poppers loosens you up and, with its vasodilatory, circulation-enhancing and muscle-relaxing properties, is sure to open up more than just your already willing mind. In addition, poppers are said to have pain-relieving properties, which makes anal intercourse much more pleasant, especially if the active partner’s penis or dildo are very large.

Specifically, poppers will make you feel warm, your heart will beat stronger, and you may experience mild dizziness. The effect starts after about 5 to 15 seconds and lasts between one minute and a maximum of ten minutes, depending on how much poppers you have inhaled.

An important aspect regarding the effect: Poppers lowers the inhibition threshold, so that you are much more willing to experiment during sex. Nevertheless, you should never put your health at risk. So despite increased desire and curiosity about new experiences, always make sure to use condoms, whether as an active or passive part during sex. Poppers are good, safe sex is better!

How long can poppers be used after opening the bottle?

Poppers bottles, if you store them unopened and in their original packaging at room temperature and in a dark place, will keep for several months. Once you have opened them and stored them in a dark and cool place, they can be used for fun for about a month. Ideally, as a passionate poppers fan, you manage to consume the contents before it loses its effect. So the answer to the question “How long can poppers be used after opening?” is decided mainly by the way they are stored.

Poppers develop their maximum effect at room temperature, which is due to the fact that it does not evaporate optimally if it is too cold. For shelf life reasons, you should keep poppers in a cool and dark place, ideally the cellar, at a temperature of 12 to 15 degrees, but take it out in time before the sex session to bring it to “operating temperature”. It is a good idea to protect it from moisture by not opening the bottle until it is warm to the touch. If you open it while the popper bottle is still cold, the warm air that enters will cause the popper to decompose in a few days. Also, do not heat the poppers bottle, the liquid is highly flammable.

Safe poppers application

How do I use poppers safely? You’ve probably asked yourself that more than once. Poppers should be inhaled only. You should definitely not drink poppers! This is extremely dangerous and can be fatal, in addition to oxygen depletion and serious lung damage and damage to the esophagus. If it has happened anyway, be sure to contact Poison Control 145 immediately and get help from a doctor.

If the poppers spill out of the bottle in the heat of the sex and some of it gets into your nose, you should rinse it out immediately with plenty of water. Otherwise, unpleasant burns may occur.

Especially in the LGBTQIA+ community, people also like to resort to Viagra and similar erection pills for sex. If you have consumed these pills, you must not use poppers. The reason for this is that Viagra and poppers lower blood pressure and in combination can lead to circulatory collapse or heart attack and can also be fatal. Also, you should not use poppers if you have a heart condition or belong to the group of people who have a higher risk of strokes due to pre-existing conditions.

To ensure safe poppers use, you should definitely not take a risk and use poppers that are already older. In this case, you also run the risk that the nitrite remaining in the bottle (which is said to have harmful properties) will irritate your nasal septum when inhaled. The same risk exists for your bronchial tubes. In addition, old poppers can cause severe headaches.

Poppers Accessories - Inhaler, Sniffer & Booster Caps

In order not to always have to carry the poppers bottle around or inhale directly from the open bottle, we offer various accessories that make popper fun much easier. Among the most popular inventions are inhalers, which contain a cotton stick soaked with poppers. When wearing a Poppers Inhaler BREATH with chain, you always have everything you need with you wherever you go.

So that you can open the bottle with only one hand, there are practical exchange caps, so-called Flip Top Caps, with which you need only one hand to open the poppers bottle. Equally practical are our booster caps for one nostril or for inhalation on both sides. These are screwed onto the bottle and protect you from direct skin contact with the glass bottle when inhaling. The leak-proof poppers booster caps are particularly popular.

Ultimate popper fun is promised by our Banger Stations, e.g. the Banger Station XTRM – Oval Poppers Bottle. These are non-slip bases on which you can safely place square, oval or round poppers bottles of various sizes thanks to matching inserts. For this purpose, there are attachments that are simply screwed onto the open bottle and connected to one or two 1m long hoses, the upper end of which is a double sniffer. A unique combination of fun and comfort. Click here for our large range of Poppers accessories in our store.

Do you have more questions about using poppers? You are welcome to email us at or contact our Poppers hotline via Whatsapp chat +41 79 847 63 46.