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The Banger Station by XTRM takes the convenience of popper consumption to a new level. With this innovative invention you will definitely amaze your friends. Thanks to the Banger Station, no one will be looking for the popper bottle after it’s just gone wild and you want to pull on the popper again. In every imaginable position, you and your partner(s) have access to the poppers thanks to the 1m long hose, while the bottle stands safely in the station. The Double Sniffer (12cm) attached to the hose is very comfortable to hold. The station has nubs on the bottom to make it non-slip. If you want to be on the safe side, you can even screw the station through the screw holes provided.


This is how you get started: You open the lid of the popper bottle and place the bottle in the Banger Station. Now you screw the bottle attachment onto the bottle and plug the supplied hose into the attachment. Finally, you only have to turn the wheel on the attachment and you’re ready to go. After the session you should close the wheel again. If you do not need the Banger Station for more than 24 hours, we recommend that you take the popper bottle out of the station and close it with the manufacturer’s lid.


Accessory 1: You can buy single red inserts for the other three popper bottle shapes, so that all your popper bottles fit perfectly into the Banger Station.


Accessory 2: You can attach a second hose to the Banger Station. You can buy this separately as an accessory. As long as the second hose is not plugged into the station, the connection remains sealed with a sealing cap.


Scope of delivery: Banger Station, insert in red for the selected bottle size, bottle attachment with two connections, sealing cap for the second connection, hose (1m) with the fixed Double Sniffer.


The Banger Station from XTRM belongs in our opinion in every bedroom, every playroom and every fetish basement. No more leaked or tipped over popper bottles! Pure comfort.


Bottle sizes
-Small Poppers: all round 10ml bottles
-Large Round Poppers: all round 30ml bottles from Lockerroom
-Oval Poppers: all oval bottles from Shelbora 24/25/30ml
-Large Square Poppers: all square bottles from Lockerroom 25ml (Retro Line)


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