What Poppers accessories exist and how are they used?

The unscrewing and unscrewing of the lid of poppers bottles, the danger of the bottle falling over and leaking, and the possible problematic contact of the liquid with the skin has led to practical poppers accessories that we would like to introduce to you. Whether you use poppers alone, in pairs or with several, you want to enjoy poppers discreetly or you want to take off during a hot session, for every situation there are great poppers accessories that will increase your thrill and simplify the handling.

The inhaler: the practical and discreet Poppers accessory option.

A practical Poppers accessory is the inhaler. Such a one is usually pen-shaped. This always works on the same principle: place absorbent cotton soaked with poppers in one or two pens of the inhaler. Then screw the pin back in place and the inhaler is ready for use. From the handling it is even easier with absorbent cotton sticks.

Most inhalers come with a chain or leather strap so they are convenient to wear around your neck. You can quickly unscrew the inhaler and pull on it. The poppers enter the nose through the openings on the inhaler. Poppers Inhaler Double have two pins for both nostrils. This doubles the effect. The inhaler has the advantage that the nose is protected from burns. It also prevents poppers from leaking out of the bottle.

After use, take out the cotton or cotton stick and clean the pen. So you can store the inhaler and will enjoy it for a long time.

The inhalers look like pieces of jewelry and depending on the model they are also available in different colors. An outsider will not understand what you are wearing around your neck.

Aroma Topper and Flip Top Caps - always one hand free

Two names, one concept: The Aroma Topper as well as the Flip Top Cap replace the original cap. If you used to need two hands to open the poppers bottle, thanks to AromaTopper/Flip Top Cap you now have one hand free for better things during hot, intense moments. The lid resp. the cap is easy to open and close and you don’t have to search for the original cap. Other benefits of this thoughtful popper accessory include protection from potential burns and spills.

Practical detail: the Poppers Flip Top Caps by WYFF’R have a fluorescent dot on the lid that makes it easy for you to find the bottle in the dark.

For the different bottle sizes and shapes, matching Aroma Topper and Flip Top Cap are available in our Poppers accessories store. After use, screw the original cap back onto the bottle.

The Booster Cap - the practical attachment for a more intense experience

Simple things can have a big impact. So it is with the Poppers Booster Caps SNFFR from XTRM. This practical invention of poppers friends from Austria convinces with several advantages: Your poppers experience will be even more intense with this bottle top. Since there is no direct skin contact, you are protected from skin irritation and burns.

With the LEAK PROOF series, XTRM has another ace up its sleeve. This booster cap is leak-proof thanks to a push button. Only when this is pressed will poppers flow through the channel. No more screwing the lid on and off, just push a button! Tipped over bottles and leaking poppers during hot sessions are now a thing of the past.

If you want to enjoy two different poppers at the same time, reach for the Poppers Booster Cap XTRM SNFFR Twin. You can screw on two 10ml bottles at the same time and get double the kick.

Do not leave the SNFFR on the bottle indefinitely, but remove it when not in use and screw the original cap back on. Clean them with water if necessary.

Note that not all Poppers Booster Caps fit every size bottle. Therefore, when ordering Poppers accessories, pay attention to the compatibility notes in the product description. If you have any doubts, the customer service will be happy to help you.

Banger Station: The Ultimate Poppers Experience

Once you have them, you don’t want to give them away. With the Banger Station XTRM, the innovative poppers accessories manufacturer has hit the bull’s eye. No searching for the poppers bottle, easy pulling thanks to 1m long hose and handy Double Sniffer. No matter what situation or position you and your partner(s) are in, poppers are always within reach. With a second hose, which can be ordered separately, you and your partner can pull on the bottle independently.

Don’t interrupt your sensual adventures with a search for the poppers bottle. And when it really comes off, you can just drop the hose. Nothing leaks! And after the fun just turn the wheel at the station. If you are not going to use the bottle for a longer period of time, it is better to take it out and put on the manufacturer’s original lid.

With the studs on the bottom, all models are characterized by their slip resistance. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also fix the Banger Station with screws through the holes provided for this purpose on a suitable object.

If you want to use different bottles in your banger station, then you can order matching inserts for different bottle sizes and shapes.

Conclusion: Improve your poppers experience with the right poopers accessories

Enthusiastic product reviews prove to us, poppers accessories not only make poppers easier to use, but also the kick felt in the process is described as much more intense. Why not just order an Inhaler, Booster Cap or Banger Station with your next order? Just to pamper yourself, surprise your friends or simply for more fun for two, three … . Leave a product review after the purchase as well.