Poppers Booster Cap XTRM SNFFR Double Small black


The XTRM SNFFR Double Small Poppers Booster Cap by XTRM takes the use of poppers to a new level. You unscrew the original cap from the manufacturer and screw the Booster Cap on the bottle. You will quickly feel the difference. Another advantage is that with the Booster Cap you protect your skin from skin irritations and burns, because you have no direct main contact with the poppers. After use, it is mandatory to replace the original cap from the manufacturer to prevent leakage. Try the Booster Cap and write a product review on this page. The size Small is suitable for all 10ml and 30ml bottles from the manufacturer Lockerroom from Canada.

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1 review for Poppers Booster Cap XTRM SNFFR Double Small black

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    Fits small bottles perfectly. The double hit is amazing and the nozzle so much better than direct from the bottle. Definitely worth it. Note the bottle is effectively open with the inhaler cap on so you’ll need to screw the “regular” cap back on after use to stop the poppers evaporating or spillage if you knock it over.

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