XTRM Slinger Black small 10ml


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The XTRM Slinger Black small 10ml is another problem solver for all poppers fans from XTRM. You can now lie comfortably in the sling and always have your poppers to hand without having to search for and unscrew a bottle. The XTRM Slinger consists of an inhaler, a practical flexible hose (100cm) and a holder for the bottle. The holder can be attached to any sling, chair or table leg, cage, etc. (pipe circumference up to 50mm). The Slinger XTRM Black small is suitable for all 10ml bottles from Lockerroom, Oxymoron and Shelbora. Discover new dimensions of pleasure with the Slinger from XTRM and your favorite poppers. Enjoy the convenience of always having your poppers to hand without having to search for and spill poppers. After your session, you should screw the poppers bottle back on with the original manufacturer’s cap.

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