Mister B Double-F Neon Fist Lube 500 ml


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Are you a lover of extreme games, including fisting? And are you looking for a water-based lube that’s super effective and fun? This extra-strong Mister B Double-F Neon Fist Lube 500 ml lubricant from Mister B helps you not only fisting, but also with larger toys thanks to its rich consistency and on top of that glows bright neon yellow under blue or black light! Enjoy the lustful thrill and surprise your counterpart with it!

Mister B DOUBLE-F NEON Fist Lube is the perfect brand for fisting and big toys!

Mister B Double-F Neon Fist Lube 500 ml is amazingly smooth and has a super long-lasting effect. It’s also a great companion in the shower and you can enjoy a sensual full body massage with it.

You’re going to a party and you know in advance that there will be black or blue lights? Get ready for the Double-F Neon on your body to reveal your secret preferences!

  • Non-toxic
  • tasteless
  • odorless
  • non-greasy
  • compatible with latex and condoms
  • 500 ml

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