Dirty PIG Poppers 24ml incl. Paperback Hit Hold Release Vol. 2 – English edition

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Dirty PIG Poppers 24ml has been on the market since 2023 and contains the former real pentyl nitrite. This popper is a must-have for your next kinky session. The strength 5 in this bottle allows you to really enjoy your dirty sex adventures. Dirty PIG Poppers will turn you into a real pig in bed. Dirty PIG Poppers is also available in a 10ml bottle.

In this package you will receive the first sex story porn book. The Paperback Hit Hold Release Vol. 2 – English edition is for everyone who loves poppers and sex between men! Tim Willems wrote down his extremely hot sexual experiences in great detail for the first part, which will make your cock hard and encourage you to pull out the poppers. Popperbators from all over the world were able to submit their stories for the second part of the gay erotic book. The highlight is the poppers workout, which you may already know from various videos. Here you also follow the instructions HIT – HOLD – RELEASE and have the hottest porn in front of your eyes: the one that your imagination and the images that Tim puts in your head create together.

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24ml, Combo




Pentyl nitrite

Pentyl nitrite (CAS 463-04-7): Most of our products contain this nitrite, as Pentyl nitrite is classified as less harmful to health.

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