Anal shower XTRM O-Clean red with side water jet


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The anal douche XTRM O-Clean red with lateral water jet solves a well-known problem in anal cleaning. Now you don’t have to be afraid that the hard water jet of your anal shower will shoot up into your bowels. The anal douche O-Clean by XTRM is therefore provided with several holes on the side. These provide an intense lateral water jet. This splits the water jet so that it runs out laterally only to the rectum, which makes anal rinsing much more pleasant for you. In addition, the interior of the shower is designed like a shell. This makes anal irrigation easier, faster and effective.

The anal shower XTRM O-Clean red with lateral water jet you can screw on any conventional shower hose (standard ½ inch thread). Make sure that the water temperature for anal irrigation is not set too warm. The insertion length of the anal douche O-Clean is 16.5cm and the diameter 2.5cm. Form your own opinion and be inspired like the more than 200 testers who rated this product as very good in 2022.

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