Jungle Juice Poppers

The Jungle Juice Poppers are among the most popular poppers in Switzerland, alongside the classics Rush and Rave and the Real Amsterdam Extra Strong . We would therefore like to present the different versions in more detail.


Jungle Juice Gold Label Triple Distilled

Extra pure thanks to triple distillation and twice as strong as previous Jungle Juice Gold Label poppers.

Jungle Juice Platinum

Only we have the original from Lockerroom from Canada. Protect yourself from counterfeits with questionable ingredients and unknown effects.


Jungle Juice Black Label

Stronger than the Jungle Juice Platinum and with an intense fragrance and perfect quality.

Jungle Juice Plus

The classic from the Jungle Juice family with the erotic aroma that has a large fan base and you will like it too.


Buy our Jungle Juice Poppers now

No matter which Jungle Juice Poppers you buy from us, you will always receive fresh original goods from the leading Canadian manufacturer Lockerroom. These quality products are all based on pentyl nitrite, hexyl nitrite or the innovative Canadian Pentyl Formula.

So that you can test and compare the different Jungle Juice poppers, we have put together the ultimate Jungle Juice 10ml combo for you. We are curious about your experiences and look forward to a product evaluation.

Even if the Jungle Juice products got their name from the fruity smell of the alcoholic drink of the same name, poppers should never be drunk. See our article “Risk of confusion” .

So that you can start cleaning the leather immediately, we will send your poppers to you discreetly packaged and well protected in 1-3 working days with Swiss A-Post.