Tenga Premium Soft Case Cup Masturbator


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TENGA has upgraded its already stunning products with the Premium Cups, which feature an inner shell 1.5 times thicker than the standard selection. This Tenga Premium Soft Case Cup Masturbator was made with a more satisfying squeeze in mind.


Due to the flexible material you can adjust the pressure by squeezing according to your wishes. In synergy with the suction function, you’ll dive into pure pleasure. The premium masturbation cup is pre-lubricated and has the classic Smooth Pad Insertion mechanism that provides a moaning airtight seal. It also applies lubricant in the process, for a magical wet experience.


This Tenga Premium Soft Case Cup Masturbator is designed for one-time use, but if you use a condom, you can get more than just a hot session out of this premium masturbator.

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