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The Super Sniffer Poppers Booster Cap size M red – an ingenious innovation from the United States – solves a problem we are all familiar with thanks to the tried and tested push-button mechanism: no more burns to the nose when using poppers and no more spilling poppers, e.g. in bed. The poppers only flow out of the bottle when you press the button. When you let go of the button, the Super Sniffer is sealed, even if the bottle tips over because things are going wild. The size M of the Super Sniffer fits all Oxymoron and Shelbora bottle threads as well as Royal Hexagon and Lockerroom bottles (except for Lockerrrom 25ml bottles, size M does not fit). The improved V2 of the Super Sniffer is made of injection molding, which makes the Super Sniffer much more durable. In addition, the thread is made of aluminum so that the plastic cannot splinter. The Super Sniffer V2 is not sensitive to heat. Thanks to the practical necklace handle, you can always carry your Super Sniffer with you. Try out the Super Sniffer V2 and leave us and all other customers a product review further down on this page. Have fun!

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