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With the Pumped Penis Extender you will permanently increase the length and girth of your best piece. As you expose your penis to permanent stretching by regularly wearing this miracle tool, additional cells are formed and the tissue mass increases in all necessary directions. In addition to the high-quality look, the tensile force of the two spring-loaded steel bars provides sufficient traction so that your body can easily perform its growth task.

Insert your flaccid penis through the base ring and make sure that the logo is at the top.
Slide the bracket onto the metal rods.
Bend and wrap the silicone band around your penis directly behind the glans.
Insert both ends into the 2 front holes of the holder so that your penis is well supported.
Now pull the silicone strap tight.
Secure the tape by pushing both ends through the slots on the underside of the holder.
To increase the pulling force, turn the small thumbscrews forwards.
The right pull will give you a slightly uncomfortable feeling, but should definitely not hurt.
You can increase the pulling force more and more as you get used to wearing it.
Of course, you can also fold Pumped Penis Extender up or down to increase comfort while maintaining efficiency even when fully clothed.
The maximum wearing time is 9 hours a day, whereby you should approach this time slowly, especially the first few times, and take breaks from time to time. In addition, this product must never be used by men under the age of 18.

There has never been a more effective penis extender that is suitable for all sizes and delivers such clear results.

Product details:
✓ fantastic results
✓ Easy handling
✓ Elegant design
✓ Maximum wearing time: 9 hours
✓ Outstanding wearing comfort

Material: ABS, silicone
Color: black

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