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The ManCage penis cage Cockcage Chasity in elegant black was made of high-quality polycarbonate. This material is characterized by its lightness, durability, water resistance and hypoallergenic properties. This chastity cage consists of three precisely matched components. The two guide pins connect the upper parts together, while the oval cone pin links the rings to the cage.


A variety of rings in different sizes and spacers allow you to customize the perfect fit. These rings are extremely comfortable and provide maximum security. The cage can be easily locked with a metal lock or the included cable ties, which ensures that metal detectors at events, festivals or airports will not set off any alarms.


Since hygiene is of utmost importance when wearing a penis cage, the exceptional ManCage Cockcage Chasity is equipped with numerous vents and an opening for easy urination. This chastity cage prevents erections during the wearing period, but promises a particularly intense sexual experience after release, comparable to a liberating orgasm.


The ManCage penis cage gives the key holder optimal control over sexual satisfaction. With it, you can take your BDSM play to the next level. The only question that remains: Do you want to stay in control or would you rather relinquish it?


Product Details:

  • Total length: approx. 12 cm
  • Inner diameter of the cage: approx. 3,5 cm
  • Adjustable rings in the sizes: approx. 4,5 / 5 / 5,5 / 6 cm
  • Material: PC/ABS (100% waterproof, phthalate-free)
  • Color: Black

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