Anal Fantasy Deluxe Vibro Balls


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Leave the taboo around anal sex behind and discover incredible pleasure with our Anal Fantasy Deluxe Vibro Balls. If you’ve never tried anal play before, these Deluxe Vibro Balls are just the thing to explore the amazing world of anal stimulation. The Deluxe Vibro Balls have a diameter of 3 cm and are equipped with a sturdy return strap for safe and easy handling. The elegant weight balls give you pleasure on their own and continue to vibrate with every movement of your body. Even the slightest tremor activates exquisitely quiet vibrations that never need batteries! Cleaning after pleasure is child’s play with Refresh Toy Cleaner and warm water. Enjoy the exciting sensations of pressure and pleasure in the anus by inserting one ball at a time, as many as you feel comfortable with first, before gently pulling the sturdy retrieval cord to release each ball for even more stimulation. Try pulling your Deluxe Vibro Balls during orgasm for the most explosive climax you’ve ever imagined! The key to anal play is to take it slow! Attempting anal penetration before you are properly aroused can be uncomfortable, so allow yourself to relax to enjoy the experience. Finger play is a great way to relax the anus. The anus and rectum do not have an automatic lubrication system like the vagina, so use plenty of lubricant to reduce friction and increase pleasure. Reaching orgasm through anal stimulation is incredibly arousing thanks to the high concentration of nerve endings in this area, and our Anal Fantasy Collection includes toys that stimulate each of these nerves. So allow yourself to enter a new world of posterior happiness… the possibilities for pleasure are endless!


Total length: 44 cm – 17.44 inches

Diameter: 3 cm

Insertable length: 44 cm

Material: ABS

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